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Why VR team building...

Elicit a real response

There are certain challenges we just can’t do with our teams in real life, such as playing balance games at the top of a skyscraper. However, with VR, we’re able to generate the same physiological responses in participants and see how they handle the pressure!

Develop new leaders

With VR, it’s possible to subtly influence which participants are leading during each activity, ensuring that every team member gets the opportunity to develop their leadership skills – not just the usual keen beans.


Virtual reality is both engaging and emotive, proven by the big grin on the faces of many a participant during their first VR experience.

Encourage engagement and interaction

Our VR experiences are exciting, which in turn leads to high levels of engagement from participants. By designing our events to be inclusive, we ensure that everyone feels involved, gets a turn and benefits from the engagement and interaction necessary to defeat the challenges they’ll face.

The team will love VR!

People love to use VR, whether it’s their first time or they are a seasoned aficionado. The entertainment industry has already clocked onto the popular appeal of the technology, beyond those familiar with gaming. We’re sure your team will have a great time using VR – we often have to (politely) drag participants away from the headsets!

It’s different

Teams have often experienced traditional team building many times over, using VR increases engagement straight away as its novel and groups have to get to grips with how this technology works and how they can use it to complete their challenges.

Here today?

Book the corporate, on premise, full day experience from only (was ) and go beyond reality into worlds that will push your teams minds and bodies to the limits.

Book VR Team Building

VR team building using multiplayer VR

Virtual reality is often lauded for how immersive and engaging the experience is – but multiplayer VR takes this to a whole new level. Throw your whole team into an unknown world, an unusual situation or pit them against a new challenge and see how they come up with creative ideas for solutions, how they solve problems and how they interact as a team while they do so. Multiplayer VR team building experiences allow us to gather a lot of information for developmental feedback while being enjoyed by team members as an incredibly engaging session that your team is sure to enjoy.

VR for team building fun

When we host a VR team building event for staff to have some fun, we know what works and how to rotate groups and ensure everyone is involved. The games force the whole team to work together, so we ensure VR team building is precisely that and not just people waiting for their turn. The multiplayer options is the most viable option and you can choose from our platform of games that vary in length from 10 minutes to 45 minutes.

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