About Us!

We're currently looking for venues to open up our VR arcade. If you're a Family Entertainment Centre and wanting to open a pop up VR experience, please contact us and we can arrange a site visit to assess the options.

VRscapism is...

... a Mobile Virtual Reality Arcade business in London and Surrey that provides in house and onsite well-known single player and multiplayer titles and unique team VR Gaming and Escape room Experiences for up to groups of players at a time. Once you put on your VR Headset, the boundaries disappear and your Virtual Journey begins. From there the only limit is your imagination. Ideal for birthday parties, gatherings, celebrations, stags and hens.

Business Options

Taking Social VR to the next level

We're looking to take the home VR gamer to the next level - top of the range of gaming and escape room experiences and equipment to immerse you fully into the VRscapist world.

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